Monday, December 26, 2011

+++++ Happy warm December Boxing Day+++++

This is how I spend much of my time- tending to citrus. And I am ever so grateful for the above average temperatures for the month of December.

A huge thank you to my friend Kathy, who gave me the most amazing Breville juicer. Now I can have a fresh pitcher of sunshine in no time!

And, while reading previous posts on here, I realized that I never fully explained why I started posting. So here goes. Better get your cup of coffee or beverage of choice.

I won two airline tickets to fly first class anywhere in the world. Great win, right? And the first person who came to mind as the perfect travel companion is....... my sister. Trouble is, I won only the tickets. If we fly to far away lands- then what? We have no money or gift cards for anything else.

 To make it a real challenge, I proposed planning a vacation using only sweepstakes winnings. We like challenges. To make it an even bigger challenge, I thought a blog would be a good way to document our travels and post photos. Can you say steep learning curve? I am still on the upward side of that curve!

Our journey is slowly emerging for 2012. I am leaning towards the PNW while my sister really wants to go to New Zealand. I am hoping we can do both.
And if I am really lucky, we can enjoy several vacations together over the coming years. So, stay tuned because you never know what will just pop up out of nowhere.

That is a good summary of life actually. Stay open and flexible because you never know what will come your way. If you had told me I would be writing a blog, I would have accused you of being crazy. Well, aren't we a crazy bunch!

Buckle your seat belts and stay tuned. Check back now and then and see what is next on the roller coaster ride of life. You can join our blog or leave comments. Try it! You might just like it enough to start your own blog!

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