Monday, February 13, 2012

The Joys of A Clean Fridge!

I had not planned on cleaning the fridge. It was not on my list of " must do" items. BUT... I accidentally discovered a whole new world when I pulled out one of the crisper drawers. Where does this stuff come from? It looked as though someone spilled jar after jar of sticky something or other and the unknown substances had oozed into every crack and crevice of the lower half of my fridge.  Hours later, a sore back and two sore knees produced a much cleaner cooling cabinet. Now, when I open the door I get untold pleasure and satisfaction from a good job well done. I have my fingers crossed that this will last for many months to come. Yeah-right! I think next time I discover the Lost City of Goo, I will just buy a new fridge!

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