Saturday, June 10, 2017

Update 2017

Even though 2017 started warm and dry, the azaleas were spectacular. This row is just budding out when I took the photo.

We are still in the cattle and hay business despite the severe drought and challenging conditions. The first 5 months of 2017 were the driest start to a year since recording was started in 1896. Drought is not our friend! Finally June brought wonderful rains that have lasted for weeks. This calf is from a breed called Pinzgauer. Isn't he a beauty?

I have been a Florida Master Gardener for 9 years. As MGs, we volunteer with our County Extension Office and the University of Florida to advise homeowners about Urban Horticulture. This is a photo of me in action that was featured in our local paper.

The wonderful much needed rain brought blooms and beauty to the yard.

Flowers are one of the many benefits of being a Master Gardener. Sadly, we are out of the citrus business. Due to hurricanes, freezes and diseases, all of our citrus trees have been removed.

And, if you have been following, you may notice that Susan and I have not been on many trips recently. Luck has not been with us.

Dogs and cats have come and gone. Our Boxer Boy will always be missed. We now have 3 cats and 3 dogs in the house with us.

                                          Here I am, hard at work and enjoying life! Cheers!

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